The Story

The Story Until Now

As your nation and sovereign queen’s chosen champions, you and another adventurer have answered the call of adventure for the good of your people. An enemy of the state has decided to plunder an ancient temple in hopes of unleashing it’s destructive power to end the mage’s war between your nations. 

The Shadow Vale, a desolate and uninhabited land to the east had been sealed by royal decree. Travelers had been forbidden to walk into the deep, rocky valley that connected them with the unknown beyond. The few that had ventured past that point had never returned. Dusty tomes and half legible scrolls spoke of a shambling temple, a monolith. A few days ago, the nation your country was at war with was observed by royal spies entering into the Shadow Vale. Such an action would never be accepted or ignored by your nation

For months, you and your partner ventured across the land into verdant forests of Nerune, past the cracked, suffocating alkaline dust Blackrock desert, and finally, through the treacherous valley of the shadow vale. Today, is a day not unlike the other. The sun is setting upon the hills, moving across a clear sky, and the smell of petrichor fills your nostrils with the scent of fresh earth. You stand near the end of a crumbling staircase leading to the apex of a massive ancient temple; Mother nature has reclaimed much of its structure as vines and weeds crawling in and out of it’s cracks. As you approach the peak, an object appears on the horizon as it approaches you, you hear a voice within your mind sending thoughts and images to you telepathically.

The Environment

Let us immerse you in our lush, hand painted, low-poly environment and transport you to another world. You’ll climb to the top of an ancient temple during sunset and explore another dimension in the depths of it’s magical core, before finally being transported into a twilight ruin floating amongst the clouds. You’ll have an epic team battle using wits and skill, taking place among torchlight and ancient temples.