What Is Conjure Strike?

In Conjure Strike 

You and another spellcaster unearth the secrets of a floating island in the sky, battling another group of mages hellbent on the destruction of your order. Conjure Strike is a team multiplayer game that combines the depth of a MOBA with the fast paced skill and action of a shooter. You’ll cast devastating spells, summon powerful minions, and coordinate with your team to unleash that perfect combo. Each of the 5 playable classes will have different spells, summons, and attacks, creating a complex and satisfying game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. You’ll explore multiple levels, each carefully designed with unique objectives that you’ll need to master in order to win! Rounds run an average of 5 minutes and have been carefully tuned to be intense and action packed without ever feeling overwhelming.

Conjure Strike is first and foremost a competitive 2v2 team sport. Players control flying mages that are capable of casting restorative and destructive spells, summoning monsters, and each having using unique weapons. Players will choose from 5 different unique mages each with their own unique abilities and playstyles to overcome their enemy.